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If you have read the Simal use the form below to let the author know in 10-15 words how the story made you feel. These comments are moderated in advance and are grammatically enhanced if sent in text speak or are poorly worded, but we try to allow the original voice of the sender to come through, as long as this site's moderators make it comprehensible.  Expletives will not be included as we wish this to remain a family safe site.  Comments over 15 words might be included but will normally be edited and or redacted. The author will always try, when possible and appropriate, to respond to comments on here or even send a personal response to a reader. He loves to hear from those who have read this incredible story. 

All comments are moderated before being published and all expletives are removed or redacted. No personal details will be published except your first name or your  Avatar name and the place you are from. By providing this information you agree for these details to be published here.

...Who is your agent? this novel needs some touching up but it is up there with the best...  (Anon but email details supplied) 

...Heard the poem Grief. It spoke to me so deeply about my mum.  Sent you another pm... Lisa from Hull.  

...Just listened to the Tears of the Mermaid. I sent you a poem and a pm. Please listen to both... Lisa from Hull.

...Loved it...  Dave from Basingstoke

...Very tense...Theresa from Norwich

...Loved Mermaid Tear poem. Make Spanish version quickly. I promote it in my blogging...  Leonel  from Madrid... 

...The death of (Name of character edited to avoid spoilers) made me cry...  Charlotte... from Essex

...What is Shaka's problem? Geez (Edited) is dark ;)... Fictionfan929

...I wanted to slap Gilly - never liked dwarves... Lisa from Hull  

...Is Sasna one of the good guys or one of the baddies? Trey (Location withheld om request) 

...Toto, I've a feeling we're not in the Shire anymore... (Name & Location withheld on request)  

...I really enjoyed it, couldn't put it down... Fictionfan 919 from London

...I hope the sequel won't be too long coming... Barrytc444

...There are a lot of deep spiritual themes in it. Made me think a lot... Lorna from Hull
Complex but genius... Karla from Bedfordshire

...So many well written characters. I can see  them in my imagination....Ian from Essex
Masterpiece m8.  Read it twice. So deep... Karl from  MAGA USA!
YOU STILL HAVE NOT SENT ME A PM!...Lisa from Hull...

Author Response: Thank you all for your comments. Those of you who supplied a relevant email address I have responded to personally. The comments are encouraging. I have already started the second volume.